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When 'Louisiana Passion' Meets Kentucky Grit

Southern Food may be one genre of food but there are many types of food that fall under “southern cuisine” and Cajun/Creole food being one of them. I had the pleasure of experiencing a 4 course “pop-up” Louisiana Style Creole meal whilst enjoying it in Lexington’s go to creole bar, ‘Creaux’ (pronounced creole). Chef Stephen Vaughn the owner and Executive Chef of Louisiana Passion describes themselves as bringing REAL Creole and Cajun cuisine to the Bluegrass State. I can agree that they are in fact, the REAL DEAL and executed the food and coursing of the dishes flawlessly. The portions were perfect in size, so I was able to finish each course, without being overstuffed.

Louisiana Passion is a catering company that specializes in creole/Cajun cuisine. Founded in 2005, they’ve serviced a variety of events over the years like receptions, festival markets, corporate events, and even sporting events including the University of Kentucky football games at Kroger Field. They’re also known for “Best Side” for 7 years in row 2009-2015! At the God’s Pantry Food Bank ‘Taste of the Bluegrass’ held at Keeneland Entertainment Barn.

Knowing their resume, it was not a surprise that the food was delicious. From presentation to flavor, each course was fire! There were different starters and entrees to choose from. Scroll down to see which amazing dishes I had!

Full Menu with Selections from the Pop-up Dinner


'Blackened Chicken Nachos'


'Chicken & Sausage Gumbo' with rice and garnished with scallions


Blackened Catfish topped with Shrimp Etouffee


'White Chocolate Bread Pudding' with a bourbon creme
Chef Stephen Vaughn preparing the 'Spinach and Artichoke' Dip

It’s safe to say that Louisiana Passion, lives up to its name with authenticity and love in their food. Chef Stephen brings passion to the Bluegrass State while staying true to his roots. Whether it’s for a personal party, corporate event, or even a wedding, this Cajun and Creole Caterer has demonstrated that you’ll feel all the PASSION once you take the first bite!

Written By: Martina Barksdale

Blogger, Speaker, Actress, & Host

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