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Elevated Food Experience you can expect at Rupp Arena

With the basketball season and the overall event season kicking off at Rupp Arena, you can expect an elevated food experience when it comes to concessions. Delicious food at concessions?! I know it sounds crazy but that’s exactly what I experienced visiting Rupp Arena. It was announced a little over a month ago that Levy would be taking over Food and Beverage at the Lexington downtown staples (Rupp Arena, Lexington Convention Center, and Lexington Opera House).

A company that started in 1978, with a single family-run delicatessen in Water Tower Place in Chicago, Levy has transformed into a recognizable restaurant and hospitality group specializing in providing a world class food and beverage experience to major entertainment and sports venues. Venues like Barclays Center, Oakland Arena, and Staples Center (just to name a few). It was a no brainier to bring them to the most notable arena in the Bluegrass.

I attended the unveiling of the new seats at Rupp Arena and had the pleasure of being able to taste some of the delicious concessionaire items you can expect this upcoming season.

New Seats in the upper level at Rupp Arena. They were previously bleachers, but now they are new seats, equipped with backs and cup holders to make attendees more comfortable during entertainment.

Levy has appointed Executive Chef, Chris Ross, to spearhead the food and beverage experience, 'Hardwood & Oak', that many of you will enjoy.

Chef Chris Ross grew up in Kentucky and is Rupp Arena’s first Executive Chef since they opened in 1976. I had the pleasure of working with Chef Chris at the Kentucky Horse Park, where he is also the Executive Chef. Scroll down to see some of the items he’s responsible for creating!

'Full Court Press'- Short Rib and Various Cheeses on a Melt

'Kentucky Melt' - Traditional Cheese Melt enhanced with Kentucky Flavors

'BBQ Mac N' Cheese' - Mac N' Cheese topped with BBQ Pulled Pork and Corn Chips

'Big Blue' Kettle Corn Popcorn

Something you also can expect from Rupp Arena is Taylor Cook (CEO of Taylor Belle’s Ice Cream). Taylor Belle’s farm fresh, hand dipped ice cream will please your taste buds with its Kentucky influence on flavors like ‘Bourbon Blast’. While she’s only 17 years old, she’s making big strides in becoming the ‘go to’ for Kentucky ice cream lovers.

Taylor Cook, CEO of Taylor Belle's Ice Cream

Taylor Belle's Ice Cream

Levy and Hardwood & Oak know how to elevate the food and beverage experience for anyone walking through the doors. Its international reach has spread to the Bluegrass, and if you’re in Kentucky looking to try what Levy has to offer, below is a list of venues where you can get their delicious bites.

-Kentucky Exposition Center

-Kentucky International

-Lexington Center

-Kentucky Speedway

-Kentucky Horse Park

-Churchill Downs

-Barbasol Championship

This is not the boring hot dogs and popcorn you typically receive when it comes to concessions. Now your food can be as memorable as the concert or game you’re attending!

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Written By: Martina Barksdale

Blogger, Speaker, Actress, & Host

Instagram: @thesitinandsavor_

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