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The Coffee and Donuts shop that is for the 'Common Good' of the Lexington Community

I had the pleasure of attending North Lime Coffee & Donuts (Clay’s Mill location) “The Dougheys” celebrating their 7 years of business by having an “awards show” featuring their specialty savory donuts and some sweet ones as well. This event was co-sponsored with Common Good, 'a non-profit organization that advances holistic community development in North Lexington through leadership, education, recreation and spiritual formation.' Scroll Down to see the event!

Upon Entering “The Dougheys” you were greeted by volunteers from Common Good and it was a $5 cover but all proceeds from the cover charge benefited Common Good. They also handed me a menu featuring all the delicious donuts they were offering.

The Dougheys 2019 Menu

I quickly ordered my donuts. But not without grabbing a quick pic of the freshly made donuts already being handed out.

From Left to Right, Clockwise: 'Plain Cake Donut' topped with Chocolate Icing and Crushed Oreo, 'Plain Cake Donut' topped with Chocolate Icing and Sprinkles, 'Pizza Rolls Donut' with Mozzarella Cheese and Pepperoni, 'Hot Brown Fritter Donut', and a 'Plain Cake Donut' with Buttercream Icing and Crushed Oreo

Whilst, waiting for my order I got to meet the lovely, Nina Monticello, who is apart of the marketing team at North Lime Coffee and Donuts. She explained that;

Nina Monticello- Apart of the Marketing Team at North Lime Coffee & Donuts

“We wanted to do something unique to celebrate seven years of business. We’ve worked with Common Good in the past and we’re all about community, so it made sense to partner with them since they’ve been very active in the NoLi Community about as long as we have. And as you know, that is where our first location is.”

She was super nice and helpful and I thank her for allowing me to snap a quick pic of her and the impromptu interview.

Now for what you all have been waiting for… top pick for savory donut goes to….The ‘Hot Brown Fritter’ Donut. I wasn’t sure what to expect but when it hit my taste buds I knew it was a winner. It was a savory donut with bacon inside. Yes Bacon! And topped with a cheese sauce! If you’re looking for something healthy, this is not it. It was perfect mashup of savory comfort food fused with a Kentucky Classic.

'Hot Brown Fritter' -Savory fritter topped with cheese sauce and bacon inside

Of course since I ordered something savory I had to finish it up with something sweet. I had the plain cake donut, topped with vanilla buttercream icing and crushed Oreo. That joint was fresh! It melted in my mouth and I enjoyed every bit of sweetness and warmness in every single bite.

'Plain Cake'- topped with Buttercream Icing and Crushed Oreo

One of the highlights was the live music they had on the outside patio. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the artist’s name but he was very talented and produced amazing vibes for the event.

Overall this was a great event and the fact that they have a focus on empowering the community they serve, makes North Lime Coffee & Donuts a winner! Great food, amazing community efforts, and a friendly staff make it all the better that I know that consumer dollars are being invested into a credible local business. Whether you visit the NoLi or Clays Mill location, their doors are open to anyone no matter what side of town. Thank you for allowing me to sit in and savor!

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Written By: Martina Barksdale

Blogger, Speaker, Actress, & Host

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