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Hi! I'm Martina, a serious creator.

I'm Martina, the creator of 'The Sit-in'. I was born and raised in Lexington, Ky. After graduating high school, I moved to New York City and attended the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. After graduation, I began my professional hosting and acting career while serving and bartending events, in between gigs. There, I developed a passion for food and beverage and creating my own content. After 7 years in New York City, I fell really ill and my doctor had advised me to move back home with family. Now that I'm back home and healthy, I wanted to create a hub that produces content I'm passionate about, and so 'The Sit-in' was born.


'The Sit-in' is more than a talk show and food blog. It is aimed to act as a hub to produce and create amazing content. The name derived from the "sit-ins' protests during the Civil Rights Movement. My grandfather, James R. Mapp, was a huge contributor to The Civil Right Movement, and wanting to follow in his footsteps of progression, this was formed. The Sit-in is a space for everyone, but mainly geared towards marginalized communities that may not have always felt that they belonged, and who historically have not always had a seat at the table.

Here you belong, here you are heard, here you are seen.

Welcome to the Sit-in. You ain't got to get up! 

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